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Here are some examples of comments about the graphic novel. 


The subject is attractive.... The Soviet fantasy on the moon...

As soon as the paper version is released.... I'm buying! 


Perfect! Perfect! 

I'm on the lookout for the release of the album in real paper and we discuss it after the reading... (I'll have to get into the reading light one day!) 


Considering the link on the FCS...  

Ordered just now!


Received just now....  

I'm not very familiar with the Soviet space program, but it seems to me that there's a small anachronism when you talk about the "large immersion basin" of the Star City... On April 9, 1969 it did not yet exist....

Page 21 "the KGB henchman" who is in charge of the guided tour of Baikonur strangely resembles Vladimir Putin 

I will continue reading.... I like it very much!

page 15: Svetlana should have flown with Alexei Leonov (Leonov's wife is Svetlana Pavlovna Dozenko!)

page 46: The two Soviet soldiers smoking not far from the shooting range, like a certain Marshal Nedelin!

I'm still looking for....

Excellent this comic book.... Congratulations! 


Svetlana Tatianova Anokhin: Sergei Anokhin is a mythical test pilot who trained cosmonauts at the request of Sergei Koroliov himself...  Svetlana could have been his daughter... she too did aerobatics... (That being said, she states on page 15 that her father "worked as a research delegate at the observatory of the Lazienki Park in Warsaw...) No report therefore....   

Major Boris Anatolyevich Filipchenko: in reality Anatoly Vasilyevich Filipchenko...

Major Igor Nazareev Klimuk: in reality Piotr Ilitch Klimuk...

About this, why didn't you keep the real names, while those of the cosmonauts of Voskhod 2 for example have been kept? 

An excellent comic strip, the work is remarkable, the drawings magnificent.... Congratulations!


Excellent! Excellent! There's also "By Lenin's goatee!"

Yes, page 56.... Awesome! Awesome! 

They should not be camouflaged, it adds more likelihood to this wonderful story! 

I also loved the reference to "Frau Im Mond"!


Page 44 I have just noticed that the ship with parabolas is called "Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin"...

Really excellent all these winks!


Reality and fiction mix so skillfully in this story that we won't hold it against you!  

When's the next comic book?  Unless it's still совершенно секретный ! 


That's great news!  

An expedition to the satellite of a giant planet with references to the Amerindians (to the Lakota nation?)  

One year is still fine..... two years is far too long!   

We will take our trouble patiently


Here, I received my copy this afternoon.

Now that all the "winks" have been revealed, I will be able to read it with a clear mind.... 


No details of the plot have been disclosed.... There are other "technical" winks.... We'll talk about it later!

Knowing your insight, they wouldn't have escaped you anyway! 



On the contrary, you did me a great service! I'm not a fan of technical details, and the names you mentioned, I would never have found them! 

The large immersion basin of the Star City is totally unknown to me. I would have looked for a long time.........

But I don't despair of finding a little something that even its author didn't think of.... 


We should not fall into the trap of these psychoanalysts who have analyzed children's stories like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" or "Sleeping Beauty"! 


Concerning "technical" winks.... 

It is obviously the evocation of the LLRV (Lunar Landing Research Vehicle), then the LLRT (Lunar Landing Training Vehicle) of which there was, to my knowledge, no Soviet equivalent... As the author points out, they used a helicopter called Mil Mi-4 (very largely inspired by the Sikorsky H-19).

In the comic strip, on page 36, the Soviet LLRT includes a closed cabin, can be flown upright and without an ejector seat, while the American versions are flown seated and have an ejector seat... (It would have been impossible to eject in a standing position anyway!)

On page 40, the engine of the "flying platform" exploded, killing its occupant... 

In reality there have been three accidents (1 LLRV / 2 and 2 LLTV / 3) resulting in the loss of the machine.... The pilots were able to eject, so they were saved... Fortunately, because among them is a certain Neil Armstrong! (May 6, 1968)

On page 41, the hero of the story wonders why he didn't use a machine attached to a crane with belts... another wink, since it was indeed made by the Americans; the LLRF (Lunar Landing Research Facility)...

Another wink; when Svetlana does not succeed in reintegrating the spaceship because her suit "inflated" it is obviously an allusion to Alexei Leonov's misadventure during the Voskhod 2 mission....

page 53: the LK is inclined by more than 15° with respect to the surface of the Moon, which is a problem for takeoff... The LM's lift stage could take off at an angle of 40° just in case! Knowing that landing from this angle would obviously have caused an immediate interruption of the mission.... The maximum inclination of an LM: Apollo 15 with 11°!

15° is a maximum to safely unload the LM!


Indeed, the first two failures reported for the N1 correspond strictly to reality. 

As far as aviation "incidents/accidents" are concerned, I was not aware of them.  The evocation of a Mig 15 obviously reminds me of Gagarin's death...

An ejector seat that "clicks in unintentionally".... Does this happen often?   A little far-fetched but it reminds me of Grissom's explosive trapdoor during his Liberty Bell 7 flight....

Indeed, that unlucky Lucas Parmitano who almost drowned in his spacesuit... an absolute blast! 

Accident that occurred on July 16 (2013), the day of the takeoff of Apollo 11...  


Congratulations again on your comic book and look forward to the next one!


D-Day is a great big thing. A comic book to forget.


So I fell in love with opening the Amazon account (crazy though it's still mandatory to enter your phone number - although it's not verified), so I bought the Kindle version.

Two thirds of the way through the comic book (I taste it in small touches), I love it!  


I took the Kindle version, so I've already read everything!

You don't have to bang my head on a wall!  

As for the story, I don't say anything, you haven't read it! 


Received today! Only one typographical remark (but I'm fussy here), you have to put a space in front of all the punctuation symbols made up of two lines: semicolons, two dots, exclamation and question marks.

In French it's like that !

English people don't don't do that!

I started the first pages, so far it's fine. I love the drawings with the ships, the lunar ground... Congratulations!


I read it in computer version, beautiful image, a lot of content, the non-linear narrative is surprising but creates an effective breakdown. I have questions (especially to separate reality from fiction), but I prefer to put them in hidden to avoid spoiles.


wettnic, I found spelling mistakes, I'll give you a personal message to let you know. Hopefully you can modify the Amazon document....



So you like it so much that it relives the space race with the victory of Apollo XI... it raises questions for me.


Received this lunchtime!  

I finish my book in class and then I attack afterwards!


This album has a remarkable graphic design and an extreme sense of detail (...) It will delight all fans of the space conquest.

Marie-Ange Sanguy Editor-in-Chief of Espace & Exploration magazine



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