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The payload includes the lunar complex consisting of the orbital and lunar modules and the BLOCK D, protected by a structural fairing, as well as the 4th stage or BLOCK G to propel the lunar complex. The whole is protected at launch by an aerodynamic fairing including the Launch Escape System . 

During the first two tests of the N-1 rocket, the lunar complex consisted only of the "Zond" orbital module. During the 3rdtest, the lunar complex included models of the LOK and LK. During the 4thtest, the rocket should have put a functional LOK and a model of the LK into orbit. Despite the failure of the four flights, the Launch Escape Systems have always worked perfectly.

Launch Escape system

 BLOCK D upper stage

BLOCK G upper stage

BLOCK V interstage

Aerodynamic fairing

Structural fairing.

(partially removed in

order to see the LK)

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