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The Moon, July 1969: Sergei, a Soviet cosmonaut, alone and in great difficulty, recalls the events that led him to this desperate situation. He recalls the heated meetings devoted to the implementation of the Soviet lunar program, which stirred so much controversy within the Politburo itself. He remembers the training with incidents and sabotage as well as his selection to the crew on the first flight with Svetlana, the only woman on the team. Everything took place in absolute secrecy, as politicians decided to send a Soviet to the Moon before the Americans in defiance of security measures. After a first part of the flight without problems the situation deteriorated with the landing on the Moon. A total power failure forced Sergei to make a hazardous trip to recover parts from the American Surveyor 5 probe. Once the repair has been carried out and the batteries recharged, Sergei can contact the control center again which informs him that all contact with Svetlana was lost. Without Svetlana and its orbital module, Sergei has only one chance left to return to Earth, namely to be rescued by the Americans who landed on the Moon a few hours after him.

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